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SINGO blends the traditional game of bingo with a great mix of music for you to dance and sing along with. Each card is filled with titles from the songs that will be played.   DJ mark gives you song clips for to fill the spaces on your bingo card by identifying the song title.

Each round changes from simple bingo to cover the whole card for the  money round.

If there is a tie the players that have bingo come up front and the first one to call out the title of the next song is the winner of that round.

Prizes are given out during each round for participation, a little stand up dancing goes a long way toward getting a free space in the money round.  The free space helps a lot so there may be a dance off for the best dancers to try to win the free space and improved odds at the $20 gift certificate.

DJ Bingo starts at 8:00 each Wednesday night and usually wraps up by 10:30